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Spotted in Please: Clio Peppiatt

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Spotted in Please: Clio Peppiatt

At Please, we just can’t get enough of new talent – and it’s even better when they fall straight into our lap! After Mary Benson, London fashion designer Clio Peppiatt is the second designer we discovered via our “Cool I’m Eighteen Now” issue, in the “Prom Queen” fashion story shot by Kristin Vicari and styled by Jeanie Annan-Lewin. That yellow fringed dress really stole the show! We chat to the 24-year-old South Londoner about her teenage years…

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Were you more of a good girl or a difficult teenager?

Definitely more of a difficult teenager… I went to a small, religious girls school which was very strict – it would’ve been difficult not to be a bit naughty!

The soundtrack of your teenagehood?

CD’s I remember owning as an early teenager were Destiny’s Child – Survivor Album, the first Britney Album, N.E.R.D – In Search Of, J-Lo circa 2001

Your style icon at the time?

Regina George (in Mean Girls)

If you were 18 again, what would you do differently?

Probably listen to my mum a bit more, but there’s lots I wouldn’t change for anything. Those intense friendships last for the rest of your life and I definitely had a lot of fun!

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Clio Peppiatt (left) and her SS16 collection. Embroidery details (right)