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Style Conversations: Vivetta

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Style Conversations: Vivetta

Meet Vivi Ponti, aka Vivetta – the cool retro fashion brand straight from Italy. We love her whimsical designs and cheeky references, and are huge fans of her “hands” collars that instantly make a simple shift dress or plain white shirt look like the coolest thing ever. Inspired by sixties fashion? Like to have fun with your style? Read on, we’re sure you’ll like what you see…

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Most of your designs have a retro feel. What decade are you the most interested in?

My favorite decades are the 50’s and 60’s. I’m always inspired by both. I love the colors, details and the delicate taste about everything of those periods, women were all chic and elegant. Nowadays this is very difficult to find. I watch lot of old movies or home movies… people were elegant, polished.

For you, is fashion always about fun?

Yes, I like to play with clothes. We decide to wear something depending on our feelings at the time. Real life is very hard sometimes, so we need to make it easier and more fun!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I take my inspiration from my life and childhood souvenirs, from things I have always loved such as interiors, homes, art, paintings… and as I mentioned before, women’s attitude in the 50’s and 60’s.

vivetta collars coll

Collars, Vivetta

We love all your different playful collars. How did you get the idea of working with this specific item of clothing, often seen as pretty “classic”?

I don’t know! I was travelling to London on a business trip and I had the idea of the hands collar – my idea was a pair of hands holding a big bow. I never created the big bow in the end but when I returned to Italy I designed the hands collar from a pattern I personally made. I loved this design, such a small pieces of fabric so close to our face – a really important location, as everything is focused on the face.

You are based in Italy. How do the different cities you live in influence your personal style?

I’m living in the countryside in Assisi and will be moving to Florence in November. I left Milan because I feel it’s depressing, I don’t like to live there. I go there for business meetings and I leave. I love Florence, it inspires me with all its beautiful art, architecture and sunny days – it is full of lovely people always smiling!