The 2020 decadence

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The 2020 decadence

The ultimate chic in 2020 : being overdressed and hanging around at home…

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Total look, Gucci.

All Patou.

Shoe, Byfar. Bag, Gucci. Fragrance, Byredo.

Dress and shoes, Acne. Tights, Falke. Sunglasses, Cartier. Earrings, Vanessa Schnidler.

Dress, Loewe. Hood, Simone Wild.

Shirt, Koche. Pants, Françoise. Sunglasses, Pucci X Koche. Hat, Jean Paul Gaultier. Necklace, Encore. Earring, VAILLANT

Skirt, gloves, shoes, bag and hat, Maison Margiela. Dress, Leandro Cano. Necklace, Justine Clenquet.

Top, Daname. Pants, Dries Van Noten. Bag, Chanel. Shoes, Christian Louboutin. Socks, Darner Socks. Bodychain, Justine Clenquet.

Dress and glove, Mugler. Mini-bag, Christian Louboutin. Shoes, Crocs. Necklace, Justine Clenquet. Hat, Benoit Missolin.

Platform shoes, Christian Louboutin.

All Gucci.

Shirt, skirt and shoes, Victoria/Tomas. Bag, Taillee Paris. Glasses, Saint Laurent. Gloves and socks, stylist’s own.

Total look, Louis Vuitton.

Who said that we have to wear tracksuits and sport leggings to stay at home ??? NOT US for sure… At Please, we’re always up for an evening gown (damned this Loewe dress!!!!) or some tapestry jacquard prints (Damned this Gucci suit!!!!). Because we want to be as chic as our home, n’est-ce pas ??

A story shot by Olivia da Costa, styling by Clément Guinamard.