The girl of my dreams

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The girl of my dreams

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Left : bra, Almace. Right : Top, Odì Odì. Skirt, Le Carine. Sunglasses, Junk. Shoes, Merrfer.

Left : bra, Almace. Skirt, Melampo. Sneakers, New Balance. Right : Turtleneck, Ottod’Ame. Crochet top and skirt, Almace.

Left : shirt, Melampo. Right : dress, Reamerei. Bag, Le Carine. Sneakers, New Balance.

Left : Dress, Imperial. Right : Jaket, Odì Odì. Jeans, Melampo. Earring, Merrfer.

Left : Jumpsuit, Melampo. Shoes Merrfer. Right : sweater, Sandro. Panties, Almace. Tights, TopShop.

The girl of my dreams is wearing pink crochet bras, sneakers with long ruffle skirts, and giant bows on her velvet shoes. What about your dream girl ?

A story shot and styled by Maela Leporati.