The Stone II Collection by Kathleen Whitaker

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The Stone II Collection by Kathleen Whitaker

Semi-precious stones in graphic gold settings: the second edition of Los Angeles jewelry designer Kathleen Whitaker‘s Stone collection is a mineral dream.



Pyrite. Chysoprase. Ryolite. Chalcedony. The names sound ancient, other-worldy, mysterious. Perhaps that’s why Kathleen Whitaker‘s jewelry seems so magical: the Los Angeles based designer, who was inspired to go further than her signature gold designs upon discovering vintage stones from Victorian-era jewelry, has just launched her second Stone collection, a year after the success of the first.

A mix of new pieces and re-editions of popular designs, the Stone Collection II introduces the use of new materials such as pyrite, striped quartz, amber and rhyolite and features hand-picked stones sourced from around the world including pietersite, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, and very limited-edition earrings made from vintage Venetian drawn glass beads. The beauty of the stone shines even brighter thanks to its setting: all the semi-precious stones are pressed between 14-karat gold forms, made by hand from the designer’s atelier. Graphic, ultra luxe, and super elegant.