Annelise Michelson

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Annelise Michelson

Spectacular jewelry and a hilarious sense of humor – we’re crushing on rock’n’roll designer Annelise Michelson!

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Annelise is a jewelry designer and I met her few months ago. We were attracted to each other right away. We laughed in 2 mins, talked clothes in 3 mins and realized that we had pretty much everything in common in 12 mins! Annelise is a real fashion and jewel lover. And her jewelry is quite spectacular, which obviously delights me. What made her success in the jewelry world? The Carnivore necklace that you have probably seen around the necks of Rihanna, Erin Wasson and Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller. Not bad for a little Frenchy in her early 30’s! What I like about Annelise, except her panache and hilarious sense of humor, is her determination, something not very French finally. She wants to succeed and she will because she’s talented, smart and … rock’n’roll! So I shot her just before fashion week, we spent 3 hours laughing! I will always remember her posing in a faux leather mini skirt and a vintage Banana T-shirt in the middle of rue de Rivoli at 3 pm! In her closet, many american designers (Philip Lim and Proenza Schouler), crazy shoes (oh those pineapple stilettos from Aquazurra!), Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Toga Pulla, Wanda Nylon…


1/What do you do?

I’m a jewelry designer.

2/Where do you live?


3/Who are your fashion muses?

Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, David Bowie, Madonna.

4/Your favorite colors?

All shades of blue.

5/Your style: day or night?


6/Three words or a short sentence to describe your style?

Tomboy, sexy, offbeat.

7/You can’t leave in the morning without…

Drinking a cup of tea.

8/Paper or web?