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Lia Rochas-Paris

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T-shirt, WYSIWAI édité par Parties Prises.

Earrings, Après Ski.

Shirt, Vintage. Skirt, Vintage. Shoes, Amélie Pichard.

Shoes, Amélie Pichard.

Jumpsuit, Ted Lapidus Vintage.

Shirt, Vintage. Pants, Max Mara. Shoes, Pointure Paris. Earrings, Keef Palas.

Shoes, Amélie Pichard.

Dress, Vintage. Belt bag, The Frankie Shop. Shoes, Miista. Earrings, Shop Casa Rosa. Sunglasses, La Chatte de Françoise.

Here we are at Lia Rochas-Paris’ atelier in Chinatown in Paris. For sure, you have already spotted the work of Lia on Instagram, beautiful collages, inspired by surrealism, all handmade with love. Lia lives in an amazing place, with an incredible decoration, magnificent ceramics, and that green wall, wow… But Lia also has a great style, mixing a lot of vintage cool stuffs, she owns a nice collection of Amelie Pichard shoes, and is always wearing the right pair of earrings… That’s why we needed her in our #Pleasegirls.

What do you do?

Artist and independent art curator.

Where do you live?

Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement.

Your fashion icons?

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Otherwise the actresses of Eric Rohmer’s films, the so-called “les Rohmeriennes” such as Pascale Ogier.

Your favorite color?

There are several such as beige, ocher, navy blue but I really like black and white (even if they are not real colors).

Your style, night or day?

Comfy during the day – I’m running everywhere all day long…

Comfy during the night too, but with a little more height (heels) and a touch of color on my lips!

Three words or a short sentence to describe your style.

Sober and timeless (well, I try) but with a detail that makes the difference.

You can’t leave your home without…

The Carmex lip balm (I can’t live without it, it has become an habit).

Paper or web addict?

Paper lover and web addict.

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