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Lisa Gachet

Pâtisserie workshops and a long-lasting love of pink – welcome the sweet world of Lisa Gachet, founder of the blog Make My Lemonade!

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On a Friday morning in December, I am due at Lisa’s, the pretty face behind the blog Make my Lemonade. I wanted to shoot her for my Please Girls category, as during our lunches with Les Particules Complémentaires (you know, the collective we’re creating with 8 other French bloggers – but I’ll tell you all about it soon, promise!) I had noticed her charisma and XXL smile. Lisa has a natural grace that not many possess, and our meeting proved me right. First off, Lisa runs to let me in wearing only her underwear, she didn’t have the time to get dressed! We drink a quick coffee in the kitchen, which is filled with dirty dishes and baking trays (the blogger organized a pâtisserie workshop the day before, and had to make hundreds of cupcakes! Lisa, where do you find the energy?) Here is Lisa in 5 looks, a real girl from real life, but who still wears couture hosiery at 11 in the morning at Place de la République! I love it!


1/ What do you do ?

Difficult question, as I do a lot of things! I’m like a creative Swiss Army knife : I help with art direction, do some styling, set design for shoots or windows – that’s when I have the most fun. And I have a blog, Make My Lemonade, which takes up a lot of my time and really is my playground, where I experiment…

2/ Where do you live ?

I live at République between the renovated square and the Canal St Martin… But not for long, as I’m looking to move soon to start new housing adventures…

3/ Your fashion icons?

I would say without hesitation Jackie Kennedy and Solange Knowles – quite far apart in terms of style!

4/ Your favourite colours?

Pink. But not just any pink – no, an “old” pink, the one that has a certain yellowish tinge to it, a pastel rose that has lived a bit. Citrus yellow, mustard yellow – I would love to have a carpet that colour in my room – and also Klein blue… Quite a long list, but I will never be able to pick just one anyway.

5/ Your style : day or night ?

A hundred times “day”. When I “have to” go out, I never know what to choose, and I finally decide to keep my day clothes. I change shoes, I put on some MAXI jewelry, and that’s it.

6/ Three words or a short sentence to describe your style? 

Colourful, offbeat and… improbable?!

7/ You cannot leave the house without…

A flick of black eyeliner.

8/ Paper or Web ?

Both! I live and breath web but I love to collect and touch paper so much…