Meme queen

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Meme queen

It’s summer, yet we’re still lurking on the Internet… Photography duo Ilka & Franz analyses our obsession with memes in a new ultra-colourful fashion story on Please. 

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Dress, Poustovit.

(An hommage to Sarah Lucas) Trousers, Ashley Isham.

Top, Poustovit.

Sock (worn as sleeve), Topshop.

Dress, Minnan Hui. Brooch (worn as ring), Tatty Devine.

“It’s a bit sad but we can spend hours clicking through random, funny pictures and cry with laughter…” says Ilka, one half of photography duo Ilka & Franz. One of their Internet finds, the moist meter, directly inspired their shoot for Please, created in collaboration with set design duo Beast & Burden. Crazy and colourful!