Our new obsession: the belt bag

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Our new obsession: the belt bag

The ultimate chic? Having your hands free! Introducing our latest crush, the belt bag.

Forget the terribly named “fanny packs”: this season is all about the “belt bag” or “hip pack”, a more elegant and luxurious version of its nineties relative. The promise is in the name: conveniently placed on the waist, the bag holds all your belonging at arm’s length, keeping your hands free to do far more important things (such as reapplying lipstick or taking a selfie).


Sissy Sainte Marie’s design for Vere Verto / Sissy Sainte Marie wearing a Vere Verto belt bag over her coat

We first spotted the design on Los Angeles stylist Sissy Saint Marie: she uses the handy belt bags on shoots. The stylist even designed her own piece in collaboration with leather accessories brand Vere Verto, who have been making belt bags since 2013, after styling one of their lookbooks: a Deco bag made of three colourful pouches, both a statement accessory and a quick wardrobe update (we particularly love it when Sissy throws it over a black outfit). Proof of its success, the Deco hip pack was spotted on numerous streetstyle blogs during New York Fashion week (Manrepeller and style queen Solange are fans). Similar styles can be found at American brand Are Studios, who prefer the belt bag in a coin shape, or, if you have the budget, at Chloé, Lanvin and Kenzo.

Are Studios

Are Studios

Usually a lot harder to convince (we’re known for rarely falling for it-bags, sticking to our style staples – so cliché but quite true), French designers have also fallen for the belt bag: LA-based Frenchy Clare Vivier prefers it in a chic leopard version, whereas the Parisian Vanessa Seward has come up with the dreamiest of all belt bags: rich patent leather, roomy yet discreet due to its dark colour. So chic!


Our Please Pick of the day is the Vanessa Seward belt bag!