Prince Charming fantasy

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Prince Charming fantasy

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Left : Scarf, Les Hommes. Right : Glasses, Gucci. Jacket, Essentiel. Shirt, Versace. Trousers & sneakers, Valentino.

Sweater, Ashish. Trousers, Essentiel. Boots, Moon Boot.

Hat, Boots & Coat, Moschino. Jacket & trousers, Jeremy Scott.

Left : Suits, Moschino. Right : Glasses, Gucci.

Hoodie, Ashish. Boots, Moon Boot. Trousers & jacket, Jeremy Scott.

Hoodie, Ashish. Shorts, Wim Bruynooghe. Sneakers, Les Hommes.

Shirt, Ashish.

Sweater & Pants, Essentiel. Boots Rombaut.

What if men were women is disguise ? Since genders are confused, we would love to steal all the clothes of this man, straight out of a dream. This Prince Charming very “Heartbreak High” (remember this TV show, it was the time of eyebrow-piercing and rebels with long hair) shows us that this fall the man is quite virile in feminine. His wardrobe is tender like the colors of California. A mix of what we like most about Monsieur, whether he’s sensitive and wild.