Star of 80’s

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Star of 80’s

It’s time to face facts… 80s style will never go out of fashion!

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Pants and jacket, HUI. Belt, Dolce & Gabbana. Earring, Vintage.

Top, SH by Silvian Heach. Body, Mimí à la Mer. Shoes, Alain Tondowski. Socks, MRZ. Earrings, Vintage.

Left: Coat and pants, Anna Kiki. Earrings and necklace, Vintage. Right: Pants and jacket, HUI. Belt, Dolce & Gabbana. Earrings, Vintage.

Jacket, Balmain vintage. Earrings, Vintage.

Dress, SH by Silvian Heach. Belt bag, Pijama. Earring, Vintage.

Jumper, SH by Silvian Heach. Pants, D’mora. Belt bag, Anna Kiki. Shoes, Anna Kiki. Socks, Bresciani. Earring and necklace, Vintage.

Left: Shirt, SH by Silvian Heach collection. Pants, HUI. Socks, Bresciani. Shoes, Anna Kiki. Earring and necklaces, Vintage. Right: Sweater, Edward Achour Paris. Skirt, Delfrance. Shoes, Anna Kiki. So...

Sweater, Alysi. Body, Mini à la Mer. Earrings and necklace, Vintage.

Yes the 80s wardrobe is still very now ! From Miami Vice to Madonna, George Michael and Prince we are all fans of the 80’s vibes. Crazy outfits, fluo make-up, extravagant hair style, because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…