Always match your accessories to the wallpaper…

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Always match your accessories to the wallpaper…

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Pumps, Saint Laurent.

Gucci Bloom Fragrance.

Necklace, D'Heygere. Brooch, Patou.

Sandal, by Nina Ricci.

Bag, Celine.

Bag, Balenciaga at My Theresa.

Brooch, Patou.

Mini bag, Chanel.

Sandal, Jacquemus at My Theresa.

Lipsticks, Hermes.

Bag, Prada. Sneakers, Asics.

Boots, Stella McCartney.

Yes at Please, we love chic accessories, smelly fragrances and happy lipsticks, but we also love vintage wallpapers and home made brioches… So we have decided to put them all together in one editorial story… Why choosing when you just need to put all together everything you love !!!!!

A story shot by Olivia da Costa, styling by Tiphaine Menon.