Amit Greenberg’s happy surralism

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Amit Greenberg’s happy surralism

Let’s start the week in color! Spotted at Parisian concept-store Colette, the whimsical work of Brooklyn-based artist Amit Greenberg immediately caught our eye.

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Mixing photography, collage and drawings, his “This is a Happy Thought” project is just the thing to brighten up our day : nautical stripes, surrealist Dali-like figures emerging from illustrated backgrounds, and intricate ink drawings mixing playful figures with a more adult twist. “The project is a celebration of the things that activate the happy chemicals in our brain,” explains Amit. “For the past four years I’ve been working on automatic drawing series that were based on the surrealistic technic of “stream of thought/consciousness”. The content is pure and uncensored. By itself it became a meditative practice that allowed me to reflect and project the experiences that I had and the ones I imagined having.” Amit’s creations can be spotted all around Colette, who approached him to stage his first show, as well as through the numerous collaborations he has built with friends from the design world, also sold in store : t-shirts with Print All Over Me, jewelry with WXYZ (our personal crush!), a dinner set and even cold-pressed juices! “I think this is what made me so happy,” muses the artist, “spreading the idea of “This is a Happy Thought” and sharing it with others.” We couldn’t agree more!