Bee Beardsworth

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Bee Beardsworth

Back to school with the bare faced beauty Bee Beardsworth, 22 year old London based model and artist. You might have seen her starring in the last Pixie Geldof’s video Woman Go Wild. She is now finishing her first photo book coming up very soon called Shit My Girlfriend Eats. We absolutely fell in love with her eccentric and rock n’ roll style and asked her to share her 5 favorite outfits.

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Top & Knickers, Fiorucci.

Top, Vintage. Shoes, Gucci.

Ring Chain, Heirloom. Bee Chain, Personnal.

Dress, Ashley Williams.

Dress, Mimi Wade. Bag, Poppy Lissiman. Shoes, Buffalo.

Dress, Realisation. Bag, Poppy Lissiman. Top & Knickers, Fiorucci.

Dress, Ashley Williams. Slippers, Zizi Donohoe.

Dress, Realisation. Bag, Poppy Lissiman.

What Do you do?

I am a model and an artist. 

Where do you live?

I live in London at the moment, but am looking to spend more time travelling and living in other places in the next year. 

Your fashion icons?

I am very inspired by eternally stylish people, like Frida Khalo or David Bowie, who created an identity and an extension of themselves through their clothing. I am obsessed with more theatrical, eccentric style, like Dilara Findikoglu, and the London-based brand Art School. Over the top, richly symbolic fashion that is really artistic.

Your favorite color?


Your style, night or day?

In the day, I tend to were stuff that is comfortable but exciting – at the moment, lots of tie dye, lots of denim, and sexy dresses. I love main tops out of tights. At night, I love to really dress up, with glittery, colourful make up and statement outfits. I grew up doing lots of theatre and always being around dressing up, so its a really important part of who I am.

Three words or a short sentence to describe your style.

Personal, eccentric, and sensual. 

You can’t leave your home without…

My Juul! I’ve stopped smoking but now I am addicted to it!!! But first and foremost, my camera. If I don’t have a camera with me I feel like I am missing a limb. 

Paper or web addict?

I am a die-hard book lover, and when I’m on holiday or not too busy I will always have a book with me. Travelling and being on the go means that I increasingly take in information via my phone.  I’ve gotten really into listening to podcasts in the last few months.