Byredo on our hands

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Byredo on our hands

Minimalist packaging, esoteric names and out-of-the-world scents: since their inception in 2006, BYREDO fragrances have been long-lasting hits – it’s funny how during fashion week you can catch whiffs of Blanche on every front row. Love the smell, can’t manage to fit the bottle in your tiny handbag? No worries: Byredo has launched its signature scents in the form of delicate hand creams, perfect allies for changing temperatures and fragile skins. This month, the American brand launches two new scents, Gypsy Water and Flowerhead, in practical 30ml creams. Let us help you pick your match…

For the minimalists: Blanche

The purest scent there is, for those who prefer to avoid heady scents in skincare. Based around a symbolic white rose, the fragrance mixes the delicate mists of violet and peony with the earthier tones of sandalwood. Light and innocent.

For the romantics: La Tulipe

Jump-start yourself into spring with this delicately flowery scent, a mix of tulips, freesias and rhubarb, reminiscent of the colorful stands at London’s Columbia Road flower market. More practical than a bouquet, and less allergy-prone.

For the nostalgics: Bal d’Afrique

Midnight in Paris is just a sniff away – inspired by the euphoria of 1920’s Paris, complement your flapper dresses and Art Deco jewelry with this heady mix of bergamot, neroli and dark amber. Enchanting.

For the bohemians: Gypsy Water

Mysterious and intriguing, embark upon a bohemian adventure with the Gypsy Water on your hands, whose pepper and juniper berries are softened by amber and vanilla tones. A  fragrance classic.

Byredo 30ml hand creams in Blanche, La Tulipe, Bal d’Afrique, Gypsy Water (all pictured), Flowerhead and Mojave Ghost, all available on the Byredo e-shop. Words by Fleur Burlet.