Crazy collages by Céline Martin

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Crazy collages by Céline Martin

Celine Martin has been known in the fashion industry as a talented make-up artist (you can check her work here)… We are delighted to introduce you to her collages work, energized and beautiful, sometimes a bit freaky… 

Here is a little chat we had about her work and her inspiration.  

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Where this photo collage idea come from ?

My first memory of collage was the diary I customized with some red lips photos. At that time I was cutting my older sister magazines’. I have always loved drawing faces but photo collage allows to express my penchant for beauty and for the proportions.  I can play and have fun with it. I love the fact of collecting photos, cutting them, putting them together. It’s a bit like surgery and reconstruction. 

Does your collages operate/help in your make-up career today ? 

I would say that it’s the opposite. My work as make-up artist helps im my photo collage process because it allows me to work with beauty and create some material that I could use for my collages.

Where do you find inspiration ?

I can find my inspiration in a face, an emotion, an expression that I want to reproduce. It could be some people that I meet or the aesthetics of an image. Among the artists who inspire me, there are for sure Jean-Paul Goude, Francis Bacon, Picasso and Georges Condo. They created their own vision of the beauty by playing with proportions, distortion. For my last project, I wanted to talk about love, couple, symbiosis. We often hear that some people merge into one being when they are in love. Also some people end up by being similar when they spend a lot of time together. I was curious to see what happens if we do it, and the result is quite surprising ! 

In three words, how would you describe your creative universe ?

Caricatural, ironic, colorful.