Inès Melia

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Inès Melia

Our #PleaseGirl this week is the DJ and sound designer Inès Melia. Inès has started her career at le Baron, then at Silencio and at les Bains.  Inès is a party girl, but also wise and chic, and we love it… An incandescent blonde beauty, the appearance of a Hitchcock heroine, a perfect style : Inès had everything to catch our eyes ! Rendez-vous at the belle’s home, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris for our photo shoot. Perfect interior design. Inès loves antique hunting especially at Elizir — a furniture shop that we also love at Please — in Essaouira, where her father lives. In her living room, we notice some work of the artist Fabien Versachaere, but also a million CDs and records, hundreds of DVDs, we  are for sure in a collector’s house ! Regarding her style, again a perfect score: a red beret with a jean/T-shirt outfit, printed dresses (these polka dots, yum, these flowers, yummy yummy, we love it !), a green jumpsuit, sandals with socks … Anyway, we over approve !

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Sandals, Tara Jarmon.

Teeshirt, 86 rue Michelle. Jean, vintage. Boots, Paul Smith.

Jumpsuit, Sessun. Pull, Courrèges.

Dress, Weil. Sandals, Tara Jarmon.

Dress, Weil.

What Do you do?

I’m a DJ and sound designer.

Where do you live?

In the 10th arrondissment of Paris.

Your fashion icons?

Carole Bouquet and Charlotte Rampling.

Your favorite color?

It depends of my mood ! At this time, I will say terracota.

Your style, night or day?

A white tee-shirt and a skirt for the day, and a suit or a silk dress at night.

Three words or a short sentence to describe your style.

Classic but not boring  !

You can’t leave your home without…

All my USB keys where I keep all my music.

Paper or web addict?

Web addict!