MariaSole Cecchi

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MariaSole Cecchi

Playing with Legos on the Parisian Left Bank – in fashion, everything is possible! We meet with MariaSole Cecchi, founder and creative director of accessories brand Les Petits Joueurs.

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I’ve been closely following Les Petits Joueurs for a while now, a brand of pop, fun handbags and clutches reminiscent of the Lego aesthetic. So when it was suggested that I meet MariaSole Cecchi, the designer behind the young brand, during last Paris fashion week, I jumped on the occasion. I am told to meet her at the rue du Pré-au-Clerc, in the Saint Germain area. A great start, as it’s one of my favourite places in Paris (reminding me of all those afternoons spent shopping at Irié with my mum…). MariaSole is late (it’s impossible to cross the Seine in less than 45 minutes during this crazy fashion week), but her smile and good mood make my impatience disappear immediately. MariaSole has something sunny about her, everyone connects with her so easily – the building’s concierge, the cleaning lady at the flat that a friend’s grandmother has lent her, her PR, a photographer friend who stops by during our rendez-vous… Everything flows, it looks effortless… We start by looking at a couple of outfits in her still-unpacked suitcase: a great mix of vintage dresses, ethnic ponchos and designer pieces (including a breathtaking – and skin-bearing – Fausto Puglisi creation). I love everything! The shoot starts and lasts barely 20 minutes. I discover MariaSole is a true photogenic, who strikes a pose like a pro. “That’s because I did a lot of photo shoots for magazines when I lived in Brazil, I’m used to it!” replies MariaSole with a laugh in impeccable French. A perfect body, an enviable wardrobe, a new collection of breath-taking bags, orders flowing in… How can she not feel good about herself, right?


What do you do?

I am the Creative Director of Les Petits Joueurs.

Where do you live?

I live in Florence, Italy.

Your fashion icons?

Supermodels from the 90’s, such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista.

Your favorite colors?

Black, because everything looks good with it, especially the primary colors that I like to use in my collections.

Your style?

A mix of contemporary fashion and unique findings that give me my individualised touch.

 You can’t leave home without…?

I can’t leave home without my necklace that has my lucky charms attached to it. I’ve been wearing it for as long as I can remember.

Paper or web addict?

Definitely a web addict!