Marie Marot

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Marie Marot

Spending two hours with Marie Marot is like spending two hours with a guru of minimalism and androgyne parisian chic. But who is Marie Marot?

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Marie is a young designer, who, after having been working in the film industry and with her friend Lucien Pagès, decided to create her own accessories label two years ago. She was always writing wordplays on notebooks, so she finally customized clutches and woolly hats she’s been wearing forever. So we are at Marie’s, apartment at her image, where pieces of design and art books are mixed together, where every detail has been chosen meticulously. Peacock-blue Hermès vase, limited edition of Avalanche art magazine, large-size printed of personal pictures, perfect hats. Everything has been picked with an exquisite taste. Marie Marot or the Parisian aesthete.