Spotted in Please: Mary Benson

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Spotted in Please: Mary Benson

We discovered the work of London-based designer Mary Benson on the set of our « Prom Queen » fashion story, shot by Kristin Vicari and styled by Jeanie Annan-Lewin for Please! Magazine 18 – the killer embellished shirt dress, a standout piece of the shoot, and led us to wonder who this young designer was. Turns out she’s from Leeds, studied at Westminster University and created her fashion label in 2014 – and it’s all we’ve ever dreamed of: girly, edgy, shiny, colourful, fun. In honour of our « Cool I’m 18 Now » issue, Mary thinks back to when she herself was coming of age…

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Mary Benson (left) and her SS16 collection « Letters From the Darkest Corners of my Heart »

Were you more of a good girl or a difficult teenager?

I was a very good! I was really quiet throughout primary school, I wouldn’t speak to anyone! Especially boys! I came more out of my shell mid high school…

The soundtrack of your teenagehood?

The Killers’ first album… Hot Fuss I think it was? Avril Lavigne… The Libertines… I remember they were the first CDs I ever bought and I listened to them constantly. When I hear those songs now they remind me of being 14.

Your style icon at the time?

Pete Doherty and Patti Smith! I used to go to school dressed in big trousers, white messy shirt, messy tie, messy hair. My Mum used to be like ‘Mary! Comb your hair, you look like you just got out of bed!!!

If you were 18 again, what would you do differently?

I really can’t think of anything I’d change. I had the best time of my life going out and being wild around Leeds. Every Friday night everyone would go out dancing to The Cockpit then the next night we’d all go to The Faversham… Every weekend without fail! I met amazing people and it was my favourite time ever!

As told to Fleur Burlet. Opening photos: « Prom Queen », shot by Kristin Vicari and styled by Jeanie Annan Lewin for Please! Magazine 18. Follow Mary on Instagram!