Meet Sofia Furio

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Meet Sofia Furio

We’ve just discovered the craziest and coolest Instagram account of the moment and we thought you’d like to know about it !

Growing up in Argentina, Sofia Furio, 21 years old is a young dramatics arts student and a demented photographer ! Her Instagram account ? A mix of pop accessorized and nineties through intense and cheeky photos ! We had a little chat with her about her creativity…

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Where do you find inspiration ?

In everyday life, people that I see on the street, it also depends a lot on my mood.

In three words, how would you describe your creative universe ?

Crazy, weird, moody.

Any anecdote about your creations ?

I made a photo where I stuck Teletubbies tattoos on my face. The tattoos were so strong that they did not come out of my face, I was 2 days with that the people looked at me like “She really got Teletubbies tattoos on her face?” hahaha.

Do you have any icons?

Hmmm, I have a mix of icons, there are some very good ones that have nothing to do with the art that I do, such as sainthoax or shusaku1977.

Were you more a good girl or a difficult teenager?

Being honest, I’m very good, my parents should give me a prize for being such a good daughter.

How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

Uff .. growing terrifies me. I guess I would continue with photography. I am studying dramatic arts, so I hope that I will have already done some series or film. And I would love living in another country !

One question / One image :

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