Please Dance Club

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Please Dance Club

Pop up the Champagne and put all our glitters on! Welcome to our dance club!

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Tiphaine Menon, Olivia da Costa, Clément Guinamard


Clément Guinamard, Nicolas Maury

Regina Demina

Alice Aufray Yorke

Lucillia Chenel, Diane Ducasse

Nicolas Dureau

Raphaël Lugassy, Charline Prat

Rose and Punani

Nicolas Maury

Gloria Senhadj, Christopher Barraja

Lou Lesage, Marine Neuilly, Charline Mignot (Vendredi Sur Mer)

Lea Bonneau

Rose and Punani, Olivia da Costa, Nicolas Maury, Raphaël Lugassy

Nicolas Dax, Melanie Doh

Diane Ducasse, Lea Zetlaoui

Clement Guinamard, Margaux Dereume, Alice Damiens

Emma Cabrespines

Alice Moireau, Jean Picon

Clelia Cazals

Amandine Kuhlmann, Fanny Hochard, Ines Leger

Lucillia Chenel


Raphaël Lugassy


Alexandre Roy and Fatou Scherrer

Hubert Canard, Marion Mallet

Imruh Asha, Carlijn Jacobs

Mathieu Laudrel, Marion Guenot, Yann Boussand Larcher

Gloria Senhadj, Roxanne Raoux

Fanny Hochard, Lou Lesage

Olivia da Costa and Judith Haik

Alexis Diop

We have celebrated our new issue at the Breakfast club! The iconic queens, Rose and Punani, followed by the hottest guys from La Vérité and our favorite DJ girl, La Chatte de Françoise made us dance till dawn ! We also had our cover girl, Régina Demina, performing a hot pole dance show. Thanks to our contributors, friends, lovers and please addicted for this funky moment. What a crazy night… Full of dance, joy and… champagne!

“Night fever, night fever, we know how to do it, gimme that night fever, night fever we know how to show it”

PLEASE DANCE CLUB from Please! Magazine on Vimeo.