#Pleasesupports La bouche rouge

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#Pleasesupports La bouche rouge

La bouge rouge is the first French cosmetic house, revolutionary, eco-responsible and humanist!  Its cause? Water and fighting against plastic pollution that is gradually ravaging the oceans.

The lipstick box is plastic free, the refills are without PP and POM. For every lipstick sale, 100 litres of water is donated to Eau vive association in Togo!

Less than one year after the launching, the very first ground water well was dug in the village of Hilou in Togo!

This is the same village that illustrates this video shot by Ulrich Knoblauch, starring Louise Follain and Mélodie Vaxelaire!

Today the inhabitants of the village have access to drinking water and no longer have to drink the water of the river!

Kiss whoever you want but do it now in a revolutionary and eco-friendly way!

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