Style Conversation : Paola Cademartori

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Style Conversation : Paola Cademartori

Color, patterns and fun : a winning combo that goes straight to our heart. Trained at the prestigious Instituto Marangoni fashion school, Italian-Brazilian designer Paula Cademartori fed from her stint at Versace’s style office to create a brand of exquisite leather goods, all Made In Italy. Her vibrant handbags, complete with the signature metal buckle crafted by Paula herself, have been on our radar for a while now, but it’s her amazing debut footwear collection Lotus that got us thinking we really should sit down and have a chat together. Paula tells us about matching unexpected colors, how to get noticed without showing off, and why a good song is the only creative fuel you need : take notes! 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From everything that impresses me and thrills me. When I create a new collection, my view on everything is very personal and unique. I just interpret my emotions and translate them in shapes, colors and textures. I try to bring something new in every collection and it takes a long research to always find new elements. Since I’m a very curious person, I am interested in the most diverse fields of creativity – art, music, cinema, literature. I have a very simple ritual : I need a pair of headphones and some good music to be able to give vent to my creativity and to the sensations of that precise moment.

For you, what qualities make the perfect accessory?

First at all it must be precious! I think that the perfect bag should be above all functional because we carry it with us all day long, but at the same time should make you feel beautiful, allowing you to be noticed without showing off!

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Lotus leather sandals and leather bag, Paula Cademartori.

What is your relationship to your home country, Brazil?

I’m very Brazilian and my origins are reflected in everything I do, especially in the way I play with colors and materials. This is why colors are so important to me, they remind me of my home country and I love to mix them and create different combinations. In every collection you’ll always find  bright color or unexpected matches.

You’ve got an important social media following and are quite active on Instagram. How do you think that impacted you as a brand?

Of course with social networks fashion has become more accessible to everyone and spreads more quickly. And certainly the possibility to reach so many people so easily is such a huge help for a young brand. I particulary love Instagram because I think sharing pictures is the most beautiful way for a creative person to express himself.

As told to Fleur Burlet. Head over to Paula Cademartori’s official website to see the full product range.