Vitamin therapy

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Vitamin therapy

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Left : Blouse, pants, jacket, all Yallo. Glasses, H&M. Right : Hat, Paloma. Turtleneck, Roma Uvarov Design.

Left : Cardigan, Roma Uvarov Design. Sunglasses made by Elena Sokolova.

Feather hat, Vintage. Top, skirt, Vintage Shum. Rings, Major Generation.

Left : Feather hat, Vintage. Top, skirt, Vintage Shum. Leg warmers, Paloma. Shoes No One. Right : Chocker, Paloma. Dress, Roma Uvarov Design.

Right : dress, Roma Uvarov Design. Tights Calzedonia. Bracelets handmade by Emma Kozlova.

Bags, top, keychain Paloma. Pants, Roma Uvarov Design. Shoes, No one.

Only a few days left before the arrival of spring. It’s time to reboost our inner energies with a vegetable therapy. Lemon, broccoli, cucumber and chlorophyll are on the menu…

A story conceived and shot by Elena Sokolova.