5 jewelry designers we discovered on Instagram

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5 jewelry designers we discovered on Instagram

You’ve read at length about our love for arty jewelry : we had already singled out a couple of stand-out names during our trip to Los Angeles last summer. It turns out there’s no actual need to physically travel ! Here are five designers who have been enchanting our Instagram feed for the last couple of weeks, broadcasting all the way from New York, Rio or Jaffa a moodboard of creations and inspirations that deeply resonate with our current style obsessions – empowered, pared-down and deeply inspirational. From the Paul Klee cuffs by Paola Vilas to the “Deconstructed Nude” earrings drawn by artist Laurie Frankk for Knobbly Studio, get ready to fall in love…

Paola Vilas


Hailing from Brazil, we love jewelry designer Paola Vilas‘s arty inspirations : two profiles by Paul Klee are intertwined to become an elegant cuff, a drawing by Jean Cocteau is transformed into a mysterious pair of earrings… Paola trained in Design at the University of Rio, but it’s after a summer course at Central Saint Martins that she chose to dedicate her career to crafting intricate jewelry, inspired by the 1920’s art world. Her “objets de curiosité” are handmade in Brazil in 18 carat gold, silver and vermeil (@paolavilas).



Laura Lombardi


Stumbling across this 1985 picture of the singer Sade started it all : we are obsessed with thick gold hoops. And it seems the go-to designer for the perfect pair is Laura Lombardi. The Brooklyn-based designer uses recycled and found material to craft her simple pieces, all statements in themselves, to be paired with a neutral wardrobe and taken for a trip to your nearest art gallery (or just to sit and scroll through Laura’s inspirational moodboard). The dream. (@lauralombardi)



Knobbly Studio


It’s via her collaboration with photographer and handpoke tattoo artist Laurie Franck that we first got to know the work of Gittit Swarc, founder of Knobbly Studio. We love her “Deconstructed Nude” single earrings, to wear as a pair, single or mix and match, and their abstract tracing of the feminine body. “The aspect that drives my interest in jewelry is the way it interacts with the human form,” says Gittit on her website. “When creating a new piece I try to ask, what will it look like to someone looking at the wearer from an angle? How will it move when she moves? How does it relate to the natural lines of her face, collarbone, torso?” Her designs are all handmade in Jaffa, Israel, using locally sourced materials. (@knobbly_studio)






It all started when designer Jess Hannah inherited beautiful antique jewelry from her grandmother, precious testaments of time from another era. Since then, she strives to recreate the same other-worldly charm in her own creations, made-to-order from her studio in Downtown L.A. She particularly manages this with her selection of signet rings : a cross between a treasured family heirloom and a minimalistic piece of jewelry that becomes such a part of yourself that you can’t bear to take it off. Or, as the designer’s tagline puts it, “Fine Jewelry For Fine Women”. (@j.hannah)



Young Frankk


All the way from Richmond, Virginia, artist and designer Christine Young, who founded her jewelry brand Young Frankk in 2012, creates hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pieces, simple, solid, and effortlessly seductive. The “Hand” earrings, available in gold plated or sterling silver, are nearly Instagram stars in themselves, spotted in countless arty pics by satisfied customers. Get them quick before they go! (@youngfrankk)