Dolorès Doll

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Dolorès Doll

We meet Dolorès Doll, the model with the doll-like features, in her apartment in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

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Dolorès Doll is actually her real name. When I met her four or five years ago, on the set of a Please shoot, I was sure it was a alias that her booker had given her! Because yes, Dolorès, a successful model, is a real-life doll. Her femme-enfant face has been shot by the greatest photographers, including Peter Lindbergh, but it’s her collaboration with Parisian designer Jacquemus for his La Grande Motte collection (SS14) that put her in the fashion spotlight. She met the designer via DJ and fellow model Clara Deshayes (a.k.a Clara 3000), and they spent a couple of days at La Grande Motte, a kitsch seaside resort in France, to shoot the images for the collection. The ultra-natural shots, full of joie de vivre and spontaneity, have come to represent the brand’s identity. They were even published in a book.

But let’s get back to Dolorès. She was born in Paris and grew up in the 2nd arrondissement. She now lives in the 3rd arrondissement, we meet her in her apartment on the Rue de Saintonge. Despite her age (she’s 23), Dolorès already has very defined taste in interior design, and we spot a couple of noteworthy pieces around her flat… But we are here to shoot her style, because Dolorès, who greets us wearing the ubiquitous Gucci loafers, is the ultimate Parisienne. She mixes with ease high fashion pieces with vintages dresses and bargain finds. In her closet: Isabel Marant (a lot!), vintage Chanel, a jacket by Djaba Diassamidze (a young Georgian designer she waxes lyrical about), lots of jeans, old t-shirts, a bit of sexy eveningwear. Barely any make-up, a bit of red lipstick, a pair of heels and she is good to go!