Tine Peduzzi and Luisa Orsini

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Tine Peduzzi and Luisa Orsini

As chic as they are fun – introducing Tine and Luisa, the two friends and founders of accessories brand TL180.

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Yes they are beautiful, they are tall and sculptural, but what characterises Tine and Luisa, the two designers of fun handbag brand TL180, is their coolness. I had already ran into the two Louis Vuitton ambassadors a couple of times, and even shot them at one point – each time in good spirits and a lot of laughter! They live between Paris and Rome, and for our Please shoot we meet up in a very bohemian apartment belonging to Tine (the brunette) in the 9th arrondissement, during an unbearable July heatwave. They give us the keys to their unique style : very vintage for Tine, more rock’n’roll for Luisa.


1/ What do you do?

We are the founders and designers of TL180.

2/ Where do you live?

Tine : In Paris.

Luisa : In Rome.

3/ Your style icons ?

Anna Karina, Françoise Hardy.

4/ Your favorite colors ?

Tine : All of them! As long as they are in the right hue…

Luisa : Black.

5/ Your style: day or night ?

We have the same style by day or by night. Maybe adding something elegant, or a pair of crazy shoes to add a touch of glamour for the evening!

6/ Three words or a short sentence to describe your style ?

Tine : Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s. I love wearing things that I used to wear when I was younger (Barbour jackets, jumpsuits…)

Luisa : Rock, easy, eclectic.

7/ You cannot leave the house without… ?

Tine : my perfume.

Luisa : my brown Rimmel.

8/ Paper or web addict?