TL-180 debuts its first ready-to-wear collection

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TL-180 debuts its first ready-to-wear collection

Tine Peduzzi and Luisa Orsini have always been our style crushes. Imagine our happiness when we found out the two French-Italian designers were expanding their line, TL-180, from accessories to ready-to-wear! The stylish duo has just presented its first clothing collection at Georgia’s fashion week, MBFW Tbilisi, a dreamy pairing of streamlined shapes and luxe materials… Here are the three things you need to know. 

It was time to branch out from accessories

“After a few years designing accessories, we decided it was time for us to expand our universe and try ready-to-wear. This new venture is an extension of the TL-180 aesthetic. Our way to design clothes is meant to be timeless, not born to die after just one season. We are approaching fashion with a hint of fun and irony, not too serious and definitely not solemn.”

Showing in Tbilisi was a natural choice

“There is something magical about Tbilisi. For us it seemed more natural to present our debut collection in a new scene like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, instead of trying to “knock at the door” of an established and saturated fashion week like Milan or Paris. As well as being an exciting creative hub, Georgia is the perfect place for a fresh start. That spirit also connects with one of our main inspirations: Sergei Pajaranov’s film The Colour of Pomegranates and its exquisite references to Georgia’s culture and imagery.”


The show was a celebration of women

“We worked with Victoria Salomoni, who is an incredible set designer. The “tableaux vivants” from Parajanov’s film were very important for our creative process, so we decided to emulate them in the show. The moon represented our idea of women: dreamy and versatile. 180 different women inside one person. One day moody, the other strong and feminine, and suddenly ironic and young. No boundaries. Natural in the way she represents herself. We worked with a local team to create this moon. It was made with a special Georgian technique. The entire concept was a reflection of that poetic and dreamy world we want to invite everyone to be part of.”