Artists we love: Tana Latorre

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Artists we love: Tana Latorre

A close collaborator of designer Paloma Wool, we love Spanish artist Tana Latorre’s whimsical female figures.

Her drawings seem familiar? That’s because her female silhouettes have been represented on this iconic Paloma Wool sweatshirt: the designer has collaborated with Tana Latorre on a series of projects – clothes, but also art installations, live paintings and even a couple of books.


We don’t know much about the Spanish artist, but maybe that’s part of her charm: as well as pictures of her work, mostly evocative nudes and female figures drawn simply with ink on paper, her Instagram features snippets of her life, studio shots of her dozens of portraits, an art installation she took part in for a fashion opening, a life drawing session…


We love seeing how some of Paloma Wool’s iconic creations have come to life. For some of her collaborative pieces with the designer, Tana Latorre paints her figures directly on the model wearing the clothes. Her drawings have become so referenced that Paloma Wool invited a series of artists to reinterpret Tana’s female figures, resulting in a Picasso-esque iron sculpture by Galician sculptor Diego Cabezas and a weaving by Berber women for the Anou organization in Morocco.