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Âme Moi: Made in Portugal with love

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Âme Moi: Made in Portugal with love

Wow! We hadn’t seen anything so vibrant in a while! Graphic designs in vivid tones with architectural inspirations and artisanal techniques = a sure hit at the Please office! Hailing all the way from sunny Portugal, power duo – and creative couple – Margarida Jacome and Alberto Gomes are the proud owners of âme moi, the new accessories label all London is talking about. If the French name initially got us interested (patriotic through and through – especially when you know it’s the poetic combination of “soul” and “me”), the brand’s colorful bags and clutches were quick to win us over. Bold lines and rich leather are at the heart of âme moi’s designs, inspired by Porto’s architectural history and traditional Portuguese blankets, the Mantas Alentejanas. We speak to the two owners about craftsmanship, the “Made in Portugal” label, and their sons’ passion for horse riding!

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Who makes up the âme moi family?

Us two, Margarida and Alberto, own the brand. We had heard of the talent and success of Francisco Rosas, a Portuguese designer based out of Milan, Paris and Porto, so we chose him to head the design team.

What are your main inspirations for the brand?

We love Portuguese craftsmanship, as well as the Porto region that has a strong history of architecture, which is reflected in the graphic âme moi PF/FW 2016 collection. The horsehair tassels are a key feature of the brand, and are linked to our sons, both equestrians!

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The Chiado (Pre-Fall 2016) and Estrella Halfmoon (Fall 2016) clutches by âme moi

Can you tell me more about one of the traditional fabrics used in your designs, Mantas Alentejanas ?

The original “Mantas Alentejanas” are from the village of Reguengos de Monsaraz, in the Alentejo region in the heart of Portugal. The original blanket fabric is more coarse, but we treated the blankets to obtain a softer, more tactile feel. The blankets are available in many traditional prints & colours, that we chose to replicate for our Bica pouches.

We’re starting to see more Portuguese talents in fashion, like one of our London favorites Marques’Almeida. What is the fashion scene like in Portugal ?

The country has become a manufacturing hub for shoes and leather goods. The shoe brand Finery London is produced in Portugal, for example, and the “Made in Portugal” label is becoming a major player in the international arena. Also, Portugal has some beautiful multi brand stores, including Loja Das Meias, based in Lisbon and Cascais, one of our amazing retailers.